DXFV Pro 3.0

View and make notes on CAD (DXF) files

XFV PRO is a CAD DXF file viewer compatible with Autocad v12 dxf files. You can use it to view, pan, zoom, write notes on the drawing and save them, take accurate measurements using snap to end, intersection or middle.

With the DXFV PRO on site view and comparison with the drawings becomes easy. No need to carry tons of drawings from your office and taking measurements using rulers! You just move your dxf files to a CF/SD card or Memory Stick, connect it to your PALM OS handheld and you are ready to check, measure and note everything on the site!

Main features of DXFV PRO:

• Full zoom in/out/extents capabilities
• Pan
• Layer activation/deactivation
• Accurate dimensioning with: Snap to end/intersection/middle or no snap
• Dimensioning accuracy control
• Hand drawing on the screen
• File save in native dxf format
• Zoom in/out control
• Black or white background for better drawing view

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DXFV Pro 3.0

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